Confirmation Dates & Info

Above is a brief synopsis of what confirmation is, who is eligible, and what the dates of classes for the 2017-18 year are. This flyer will be updated as soon as a date for confirmation is picked. If you would like to host a confirmation class at your home, please email me and let me know! 

Sign-ups for Confirmation will begin in April, in the Events section. 

Sponsorship Information

This flyer is a brief guide on how to select a sponsor for your confirmand. Please read it as you begin your confirmation process, as you will need to list the confirmand and sponsor when you sign up. If you are having difficulty finding a sponsor, please email or ask- I would be happy to help. 

ASYM Campout

For information on the retreat we will be having in April, please read this flyer. It lists some activities and sets a focus for our first group retreat- and please see the campout on the events page to register. Registration will close on April 1st. 

Honduras Mission Team APP.jpg

Honduras Mission Team Application

This is the first page of the Honduras Mission Team Application. The whole application needs to be filled out fully, and submitted to Marah's box in the church office or the mailbox in the youth room. Applications are due by August 13th, and the team will be announced by September 1st. Remember, there is limited space and availability, so not everyone will get to go with us!

Click here for the full application download.


Confirmation Class Registration

To register for confirmation class, print the form you see and fill it out completely, including any known date conflicts. Return the registration form to Marah's box in the church office or the mailbox in the youth room. Registration is due by August 1st, and classes begin on Sunday, August 13th.  If you would like to volunteer to host a confirmation class, please contact me via email, phone or text message to request one of the listed dates. 

Click here for a file download instead.