All Saints Youth Ministry offers so many opportunities to help others in our community, both local and beyond. Find any of our upcoming mission and service opportunities here.

We also ask for assistance from our wonderful parent faction in putting on our weekly activities; from dinner help to chaperoning to toy drives, All Saints Youth Ministry parents make a difference. 

Do you have a project for All Saints Youth Ministry? Let us know how we can help! Click here to submit a Volunteer Request, and we will reach out to you for more information on how we can help serve. 



Exploring the world we are responsible for is both a huge part of our Christian responsibility and an experience that changes our perception of God's creation and our place in it. 


Service Opportunities

We also participate in efforts to help our local community, from our church family to people in our cities and state. 

If you're looking for ways to contribute to our many partnered organizations, please click the link below to find the list of all upcoming service opportunities. 


Parent volunteers

In everything from drivers, to chaperones, to dinner providers, All Saints Youth Ministry has parent helpers involved. 

Be a part of the memories your teen is making, and click the link below to find our Sign-Up Genius to see what this ministry needs from you.