We are everyday heroes and fearless adventurers, a family bonded by joy and called to be together. We celebrate and learn, witness and serve, defend and embrace each other.

We are the teen and pre-teen faction of All Saints Episcopal Church, Winter Park, and we would love to have you join us. Feel free to email moropeza@allsaintswp.com to find out more about us, or check out our calendar and come to an event. Joining couldn't be easier- be here with us.


Our Mission

Our mission is to hear the call of God's voice; then to actively follow it, seeking him in all of the things we do. We are called to do so much with what we've been given, and with our busy, everyday lives, it can be hard to hear his voice, and hard to believe our hearts. 

That's why we have each other, and this ministry. As we interpret God's purposes for our lives and pursue his mission for us, it can be a hard climb. It's so important to know we stand together, ready to love and embrace each others' successes and failures and bumps along the way, just as Christ also loves us. 

We believe in the strength of numbers, of good friends backing each other, of laughter in the face of tension, of goofy fun in the place of pressure to be grown up, of romance that is from fairy-tales, and of bravery that defies the way of the world. Our mission is to be our truest selves in everything that we do, because we were made by God.